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042 BONUS: Create Your Dream Lifestyle with Charles Webb [Part 2]

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy a BONUS part 2 episode with Chef Charles Webb, who has gone through 92 jobs and dozens of countries in search of the lifestyle he loves.

In this episode, enjoy a freestyle conversation world-renowned #chefontour and Chicago’s #1 Private Chef, Charles Webb.

This is not our normal engineering career conversation at The Happy Engineer Podcast, and that’s on purpose. You may love the vibe of this lifestyle chat, or you may not. Either way, it’s important that we continuously expand our mindsets and ask new questions.

What is truly possible for your lifestyle?

What is your biggest, boldest dream?

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

So press play and let’s chat… because food, travel, and leisure are about to open your mind (and mouth)!



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Hopefully you heard both parts of my conversation with Chef Charles Webb. What a fun dude. It’s time for us to turn seemingly “random” lifestyle conversations around food and beverage into real actions in your career. 

These three tips are really important ways for you to get started down the path of creating a lifestyle you love. 

1) Be a responsible steward of what you have.

I see goals and visions created by engineering leaders where they want a whole new level of stuff in their life. The bigger house, the beach-front property, the killer car, that you’ve always dreamed about… and that’s awesome.

For me, that includes horses and motorcycles and all the things that I love to enjoy with my spouse. We all have a version of our lifestyle that looks a certain way and includes certain things. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that!

That said, the first step is to be a responsible steward of what you have. If you’re not taking care of what’s already in your life right now, then why would anybody give you more?

  • Do some deep spring cleaning. 
  • Get rid of everything that you don’t need.
  • Either fix what’s broken or get it out of your house. 

Here’s the kicker. Why would someone give you more if you’re not even taking care of what you have? Well, the most important “someone” on that list is yourself.

It’s about your self esteem, your own self image, your own self-worth. And the reality behind the scenes is that if you’re not the kind of person who’s actually taking care of the things that you have, then subconsciously, you’re going to sabotage doing the things that it takes to have more.

2) Take all your vacation.

This might be one of my biggest pet peeves about engineering leaders! So many of you are getting to the end of the year and you haven’t taken your vacation. Finishing the year in mid-December and you just try not to go into the office for the rest of the year.

And guess what? That never actually works. You get called and emailed. There are “emergency issues” that you have to sign on for calls anyway. 

Plus you don’t actually have any good plans for what you’re going to do with that time. You’re not maximizing any exploration or experience around your lifestyle. You’re just sitting at home for an extra week around the holidays. And I love being at home during the holidays, don’t get me wrong. If that’s something intentional and something that you truly love, and you truly want that extra time, then by all means do it. 

I highly encourage you to sit down with the people you love, and plan your vacation. Take every single day. Get aligned with your leader at work on what exactly that schedule looks like. 

One more thing. Lots of engineering leaders are very conservative around money, and you love to save. I think that’s tremendous, but spend a little on a vacation! Explore and experiment with the lifestyle choices that you may want later.

If you think you may want to move to a warmer climate, go on a vacation there. Drive around and experience it. See if it’s a place you might want to live. If you dream about globe trotting and doing work from other parts of the world, then go on a vacation and log in for a couple of days. If you want to be able to work from a remote, exotic, tropical location one day, then go test it out.

3) Ask for one unique area of lifestyle flexibility at work. 

We don’t have, because we don’t ask. Way too often we get an automatic “No” because we don’t have the courage to ask the question! So let me give you a few examples. 

Day trading.

This is a tactic that I talk about with my clients. Say you want to go skiing on a day that has less traffic than Saturday. Especially where I live here in Michigan, Saturdays are bogus and you have to wait in line 80% of the time, strap on your snowboard 10% of the time, and you’re on the slopes 10% if you’re lucky.

What if you asked your boss, can I take off Wednesday? And I’m going to work on Saturday instead. Ask the question. 

Shorten the week.

What if you took just one week, not as a request for a permanent change, but just one week and requested a 9/4/4 or a 4×10 schedule? 

9/4/4 is nine hours for four days a week, and a half day four hours on Friday 

4×10 is working four 10-hour days Monday to Thursday and taking Friday off. 

Do it as a one-time thing! “Hey boss, can I do this next month, just one of the weeks?” Ask for some flexibility, start experimenting with what’s possible. 

Step out of your comfort zone, pick one area of lifestyle flexibility that you would love to experiment with and go ask for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You get told no. Fine. You already had no. At least you gave yourself a chance for yes.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Chef Charles. I know it was a winding road, but he has such a contagious vision, a contagious energy, and he’s gone through a lot to get to the point of success and love and passion.

We’re all on our own journey. It’s not about comparing where you’re at to where Chef Charles is at. It’s not about comparing your lifestyle to my lifestyle. 

It’s about comparing where you’re at today, to the vision of where you want to be tomorrow. 

And what actions can we take to get there? 

Keep crushing comfort, create courage, and let’s do this.

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One could say that Chicago’s #1 Private Chef, Chef Charles Webb, has been trained through his adventurous spirit. Chef Charles’ career has taken him to Brazil, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, New York City and beyond. Through his culinary journeys, Chef Charles has rubbed elbows with grand consulates and bartered for spices in markets unknown to the world. He has seared fish in a fire built by hand in the Cayman Islands, roasted duck in Rio, and learned to speak six languages in between. All of Charles’s experiences have shaped his critically acclaimed style of cooking. Each meal Charles prepares is a journey through the places that he loves most- filled with complex and approachable spices that make for a one of a kind dining experience.

Chef Charles Webb holds a philosophy that every meal is a journey and should be shared, experienced and savored. Join in with his passion and leave with an experience you’ll never forget.

He is currently focused on filming his culinary travel web series across the globe, and servicing his private dining and special event clients.






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[00:00:00] Zach White: Can you believe this? Come on Copper Mountain right there.  

[00:00:04] Oh, but look at you. What beach is that? Oh, sweet. Where are you for real, what beach is that?. 

[00:00:12] Chef Charles: I’m in, I’m in a place called Buzios. It’s a fishing village!

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[00:00:15] Zach White: Unreal, unreal. Well, um, 

[00:00:21] Happy engineers. Welcome back again. This is part two with the amazing chef, extraordinary Charles Webb. I hope that you listened to part one, if not go back and jam with us in that first conversation where we covered all kinds of topics, but specifically here in part two, we wanted to share our heart and our passion for lifestyle.

[00:00:40] And for those of you, who’ve been following the happy engineer. You know, we talk about lifestyle engineering. It can look a million different ways. And it’s all about that authentic look for what you’re trying to create for a successful and happy life for you, but chef Charles is so glad you’re back and tell us where you’re at and what’s going on for you.

[00:01:00] And for those who are just catching audio, you have to go watch the video version of this too, because holy cow, chef. Welcome back to the top. Talk to us. Where are you, man? 

[00:01:09] Chef Charles: Welcome back is right. I’m probably a little more calm than I was at that. I was at the airport in Miami. I’m in a place called Buzios Brazil.

[00:01:17] card is held to get to, and it’s so rewarding. There’s not a charter flight that flies you directly here and you got to jump through some hoops, but this is a former fishing village. Kind of got it stained by Bridget Bardot the owners of Cirque de Solei had a home here. Rene Lacoste had a home here, just a lot of really interesting people, but also very quiet.

[00:01:37] It’s not pretentious. And that’s what I love about it. It’s a great little retreat and I’m in a place called Posada abracadabra. Ambra Abra, Cadabra, this is their new private dinner table area. They all cook there who knows what’ll happen.

[00:01:53] I hate cooking, mixing pleasure, and I’d know it’s not true. I love actually.

[00:02:00] Zach White: Yeah. Amen. So, so there you are in an absolutely gorgeous tropical paradise. And I find myself today in copper mountain, Colorado. And for those, seeing the difference, chef Charles with the beautiful beaches and sun in the background, and here I am, and it’s all white out conditions behind me. It actually snowed a couple inches last night.

[00:02:21] We’ve got fresh powder on the mountain here in copper mountain, and I can’t wait to hit the slopes on the snowboard with my wife. Later today, but chef, you know, your experience in life, you’ve traveled all over the world and you found ways to blend your passion and your work, your income in, in all sorts of interesting spaces, places, and, you know, getting a, say a willingness to be creative with that.

[00:02:45] So tell us a little bit about that, that journey for you and blending work and pleasure and your life’s. 

[00:02:51] Chef Charles: You know, I think, I think focusing on the journey instead of focusing on the end result is probably what we should, you know, be probably thinking about. And that is certainly not where I started job 92, you know, 9 92 jobs ago or before, you know, pre.

[00:03:04] PE pre entrepreneurial life as a food and beverage entrepreneur, con you know, digital content creator around lifestyle, around food, around travel and around all of those great things that we’re talking about. But yeah, I mean like how do you bring it all together? I love watching these guys on YouTube. We just pop out of nowhere and then like start telling how like, Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to make a lot of money and do the S#*!

[00:03:25] And it’s just. I want to watch those guys all the time and figure out how to make the amount of money that I need to make to do what I need to do. And I just think that, you know, certain people could do that and certain people just can’t. I don’t know. It makes it seem so easy. And I’m going to tell you, as, you know, as, you know, what.

[00:03:43] It’s not, it’s not easy to be on that freshly powdered slopes where it’s white out and he’s going to probably jump on a snowboard or skis and do his thing. And then obviously, you know, seeing where I’m at behind me, but, you know, , value and I prioritize things a little differently. And I think that that’s also what it’s about.

[00:04:01] You know, I’ve had, I’ve learned along the way to maybe put me in front of everything else. ’cause when I’m good. Everything else is good. Which means that when I’m taking care of my mind, my body, my soul, my spirituality, when I’m taking care of those things, I’m in a better place, which means that I could be more productive.

[00:04:22] I’m happier, my energy radiates in a different, at a different vibration. And it makes people gravitate. And I mean, I don’t, am I answering the question? I don’t know. I just kind of, I’m going to start boxing here. 

[00:04:38] Zach White: two things I want to hit because it’s really important. What you just shared.

[00:04:40] Boom. Number one is the mindset and for the engineering leader who, who may be tuned in and listened to this wondering, okay, Hey chef Charles, I’m not an entrepreneur. I don’t have this, this freedom that you have. So I want to talk about that mindset. I can’t have what you have, like how did we get here?

[00:04:57] And what’s possible for you now. And then the second one is this. What does it really take and related to your values and the journey? Because I can tell you, I didn’t get to this point quickly. And I dreamed and visioned for this for years and years and years before I got to the point where I could work and build my business at the same time as being able to enjoy travel and lifestyle at the level that I do.

[00:05:20] Now, I know the same for you at 92 jobs ago, being where you’re at today, wasn’t even on the radar.  Let’s get that first point. You know, somebody maybe watch this. Maybe they’re attempted to tune out already like this isn’t for me. I can’t have that because I’m a W2 nine to five, or I work for Google. I work for apple.

[00:05:36] I like, what would you say to somebody who’s just, as in that they’re stuck in that place. If I can’t have that, how do you break out of that? 

[00:05:44] Chef Charles: Well, I mean, I think that the first thing is, is that the industry is changing. The landscape of the world is changing. I think more and more people are understanding that they can be remote first.

[00:05:56] They didn’t want to be remote and under like, Hey, wait a minute. I’m remote. Why do I need to be locked into in an apartment or condo or whatever your situation is and a place where it’s miserable and, you know, Mike would be miserable a few months out of the year, maybe more to get, you know, what you want.

[00:06:14] So, you know, I mean, a lot of people start to become, I don’t know what they call them. 10 90 nines. You’re an independent contractor. Maybe you’re a consultant. Maybe you’re working remote, you know, so you need to start looking at how you can do what you do. And find ways to do it, uh, where it works for you and this, maybe this doesn’t work for you, right.

[00:06:33] Maybe that doesn’t work for you. Maybe that we’re doesn’t work for you and that’s okay. And that’s okay if you want to go to the office every day and you know, your that’s your mission. That’s fine. That’s great. Or maybe you do. But you also want to get this as well. Right? You want to experience this as well.

[00:06:50] So I think where it starts as kind of defining, you know, where you want to be. And listen, if you define where you want to be today, that doesn’t mean that your, your three-year plan or whatever is not going to change in three weeks or three months or three years, you know? Yeah. Kind of like you get in your car, metaphorically and people just drive in life and that’s not what you want to do cause you’ll run out of gas.

[00:07:15] So what you want to do is you want to say, Hey, I’m going to point B and I’m taking expressway a and you try to get to point B and expressway a is, is, is busy and you end up taking some side streets and then you take. You get to expressway C and you get to the destination, that destination 8.4, not a . I mean, this is life, man.

[00:07:42] This is how it is. Like, we want everything to fit in the box, but squares don’t fit into whole circles sometimes. 

[00:07:49] Zach White: You know, and I agree with that. So the thing for me, if, if you’re in that place of feeling stuck, Hey, I want to, I want to experience with chef Charles has experienced it and I want to do exact student.

[00:07:58] You know, the first thing is to get off this idea of the box that you’re in being all that it’s. And, and I will tell you from experience in my own career at Whirlpool corporation, but also with the clients I coach now, and chef Charles you’ll appreciate this. Sometimes we just assume that we’re in that.

[00:08:13] And what’s possible for us is, is a certain level, but we’d haven’t, we haven’t actually even asked, you know, when was the last time you went to your, your boss and said, Hey, you know, for me, something that is really important is to start creating some additional freedom and flexibility for my lifestyle.

[00:08:30] Would it be possible for me to do. Fill in the blank, you know, work a four day, 10 hour shift instead of, you know, what doing, uh, on a five day, eight hour shift, would it be possible for me to do what I call day trading? You know, Hey, I’d like to hit the slopes on a Wednesday when it’s less crowded.

[00:08:45] So I can only work on Saturday and be on the slopes on Wednesday. You know, it’s just a day trading, you know, things like this, get creative, start asking new questions, et cetera. So, so if you said this, this journey, not destination. Where, where did you end up our video? I’ll say, how did you end up in your journey in that amazing spot in Brazil today?

[00:09:06] Like what are you up to what’s what’s next? Just tell us what you’re doing. 

[00:09:11] Chef Charles: Well, first thing you should know I’ve lived here before. Okay. Um, that’s the first thing you should. I’ve spent a few years living here. I’ve lived in nine countries in the world. I’ve lived in wrong. Two, three times, you know, south of France, Copenhagen, Monaco, Mexico, Brazil, obviously a place that I definitely, you know, put, put some, uh, roots in and.

[00:09:30] Survive. It was tough, but you know, so what can I say, why am I here? What’s going on? This is Brazil. A, don’t even know what adjective to use. There’s so many, it’s just an overwhelming country. There’s just so much to see and do and dive into and sadly, and not, sadly, I come back to places like Buzios where they’re like me walking back.

[00:09:52] Um, I’m back called when I’m here. And that helps me a recharge, relax, re uh, generate that energy and helps me, uh, you know, work in a different capacity. Uh, it helps me think out of the box. It helps me get refocused. They say a minute in New York is like 40 seconds a minute here is like two minutes. So if I.

[00:10:11] I mean, it’s a fishing village, man. So, you know, like you got to think about it. So if I take the two week vacation, do I want it to seem like nine days or do I want it to seem like 28 days? 

[00:10:22] Zach White: I think that’s really interesting this experience of time. I just want to sit there for a second because the engineer in me is like, Hey, you know, chef Charles time this time, right?

[00:10:31] One seconds, one second. The atomic clock says it is. but time is more than some scientific notion of how, how the world rotates on its axis. You know, this idea of the experience of time. And we’ve all been there, right when you’re, you’re in that, on that first date with someone who you’re really attracted to and the time just, you know, it’s like, it goes so slow in that key moment.

[00:10:51] You just sitting there, eyes locked, loving it. It’s like you could be there forever. And then there’s other times it’s like totally gone for you. How do you really. So this idea of just slowing the pace, being present, like letting time stretch and expand, like how did you get into that place? How do you live that way?

[00:11:11] Chef Charles: Well, I mean, it just happens organically, you know, it’s, it’s something that just, it happens. On its own, but being able to settle into it, it’s like, think of yourself as a car. You’re probably working in fourth or fifth gear. Some of us are working in fifth gear turbo. Some of us are working in fifth gear, twin turbo, right.

[00:11:31] All the time. Like you’re the Carero over there working at twin turbo. So it’s about understanding what to do with that time and how to value it. And then also how to look at. At it from a distance and use it to your advantage. 

[00:11:47] Zach White: I like that learn. Thinking about how to use the time that you have, which I’ll tell you, you made the comment earlier about like, Hey, we just get in the car and drive.

[00:11:56] Through our lives. And then one day we run out of gas and we look up, it’s like, well, how did I end up here? And where am I? that whole notion of bleeding time just fly by. I mean, I, I used to have days, even weeks or months in my engineering career that would pass by, and then you kind of look up to like, whatever.

[00:12:13] What have I, what am I even doing? You know, did I get anything productive done in my life today, uh, this week, this month. So what I love about your work, and I want to spend some time really talking about hashtag chef on tour and the projects that you’re up to because I, I believe that engineering. Have a part of them, that’s deeply creative, deeply passionate, and wants to get connected to those things, both inside and outside of the office.

[00:12:37] And so how you bring that to life is, is amazing. Um, I know we talked a little bit in part one about this, but tell us, you know, how does hashtag Shep on tour connect with what you’re doing there in Brazil how do we, if we want to be a part of that journey with you, plug in and see the content and start to experience this in our own.

[00:12:57] Chef Charles: Yeah, I thank you. I mean, you know, the interesting thing is we all either traveled vicariously through someone, whether it’s a Anthony Bordain or Rick Steves, or your favorite guys, mark clean on YouTube. I mean, there’s so many great people to watch and see the awesome content that they create. I mean, this is not a con this is not a competition.

[00:13:14] This is, Hey, let’s really understand who’s doing what and what we like, and we can watch a lot of different content, right? Yeah. And for me, it’s not about creating a one dimensional, uh, let’s say docu series. It’s about creating content, digital content. That’s around things that are. The storytellers in those cities.

[00:13:33] So that’s not necessarily a travel series, but yet travel is a big driver for it. Uh, we’re not, we’re talking about food because obviously I cook and we’re creating a really engaging experience with our 50, you know, storytellers. You know, what’d you call them influencers and experts and, uh, activists, et cetera from that city.

[00:13:51] And that’s going to be a lot of fun and like an ESCO world heritage sites, very, you know, off the, off the beaten track, of course jaunting through the markets and all of that. But realistically you at home as a traveler or wanting to aspire to travel more, one of the things that we want to do. Is that we want to connect more with where we’re at.

[00:14:13] So this is extremely important that we call it cultural immersion experiences. And how do you just elevate that? Whether you can come today to Buzios or you come in a month or you come in a year, or maybe you come in three years. But what you got to aspire. We all aspire and around the content that we create, we find people that are very engaging, whether they’re gamers or street artists, or LGBTQ activists, or tech entrepreneurs, or fashion, or mommy, bloggers, wellness, and fitness, uh, music of course drives a lot of lifestyle.

[00:14:51] Uh, digital nomadic lifestyle, understanding, understanding. Places like this offer. Do they offer you as a, not just traveler, but now a person who’s um, has the range to go and jaunt around the world and work from your laptop as long as there’s really. Um, internet. So, you know, really kind of dial in and dialing into that.

[00:15:13] Our next stops kind of the HANA Columbia, which I love, you know, um, Volvo fantastic dynamic city, very vibrant with the arts, Mexico city, uh, Wahaca. We’re looking at Colombo, Sri Lanka. Uh, Bangkok and that’s just, you know, hopefully that’ll take us into June. So, you know, we want you to be dialed into places, Lisbon Elizabeth, Portugal, doing fantastic things with the gnome, digital nomad community, really great things.

[00:15:42] We’re loving what we’re seeing out of. Tel-Aviv, uh, you know, it’s assembled Turkey trying to reinvent themselves. So it’s just, you know, how do we help our friends out there? 

[00:15:52] Zach White: I think there’s two or three points I want to just put pins in that are so important. Number one is this. Getting deeply connected to the places and the people and the culture, which, you know, at least in my life, chef Charles, I’ve always been more of a tourist than a traveler.

[00:16:07] You know, someone who really digs in and gets to know places and what you’re talking about. So point to this digital nomad lifestyle, you know, not everyone listened to this as interested in that, but I know that a lot of engineering leaders are whether you have a family and roots down in a city today or.

[00:16:22] The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place in regards to how you can curate that lifestyle. And so, you know what chef Charles is doing here with hashtag chef on tour. The reason I would encourage everybody to plug in and watch the content and get into this with him and with his team and with all these amazing people that he’d mentioned and all these amazing places is to widen the aperture.

[00:16:43] Of that aspiration. You get your mind open and engaged with what all is out there in the world and the places and spaces you could potentially take your life, whether it’s for a week or for a year, or for the rest of your life, you know, there’s so much available. And for me, this is one of those channels where you can see so much in such a rich, authentic way.

[00:17:04] And so chef, I just, I love the work you’re doing like. Yeah, plug it heavily enough that people should, should plug in and check this out. You know, it’s not going to scratch that technical engineering itch inside of us, but we got plenty of that. This is a way to really expand and tap into those other passions.

[00:17:18] Those other parts of your whole being, which as you know, I’d always just, the courage is something I believe in so much. You’re a whole. 

[00:17:25] Chef Charles: Yeah. You said something there that I want to pin down is that, you know, understanding how to rejuvenate that. If you’re going to Sri Lanka said, I have Vedic resort, or you’re going down into Patagonia because you need to track through, do some tracking.

[00:17:38] That’s all there, but you want to get a different. I want to get a different flavor, going again, look at this place behind me. You know, if you want, if you want sun, if you want, you know, subtropical environment, if you want all those things that, you know, kind of like, can’t be excited and I’m going to go hang out with the fishermen on Friday.

[00:17:56] And we’re going to be on the fishermen’s boat. We’re going to go get some fish and you know what I mean? Like I don’t, I’m pretty simple guy, you know, I don’t, I don’t need all the, all that jazz, but that’s enough to like really get me excited. And I hate to say this, but sometimes, like I can tell like my clients and my friends.

[00:18:13] People are upset with me, you know, because they haven’t figured out that piece or they don’t allow them to get them logged themselves, to get there, allow yourself to get there. We’re going to go back to conversation. One when I was in the Miami airport, build that chalkboard wall, find out, create that. I mean, call it a vision board, call it what you want, but build it out.

[00:18:34] No holds barred, you know, Rob, visiting this planet, figure out what it is that like jazz. You know, it can’t just always be work, you know, or maybe it is. I don’t know. 

[00:18:43] Zach White: you know, let’s just say this, there’s no judgment on the decision that you make, but I want to challenge everyone, myself, chef for you every day.

[00:18:50] I know you’re living this, but for everybody listening, Like, don’t just take the default option. Okay. Like, let’s get serious about deciding what do you value if it’s work every day in the same place that you’re at. Awesome. There’s no judgment for that. But if you have that craving to experience more, to really expand in your life, I hope this conversation and these spaces and places are giving you that space.

[00:19:14] So want to go after it. So hashtag chef on tour, we’re going to put all the links in all the show notes again. So please take a look, engage with the chef, extraordinary Charles Webb, uh, in everything that they’re doing and just check out the YouTube video of this as well. Showing off this incredible place, man.

[00:19:33] I wish we had all day to just hang. But of course, here I am on the opposite side of, of the world’s culture. It’s freezing here. I’m I’m uh, my hands are getting a little icy chef, so, oh man, he’s gonna finish with the, with the dunk. You go, oh, you know, you 

[00:19:45] Chef Charles: guys, I just broke my necklace. I’m going to have to go back to my let’s let’s let’s take a look at the place and here I go.

[00:19:54] And I, I think I’m going to go for the dunk, but I don’t have anybody to, I don’t 

[00:19:58] Zach White: have anybody. That’s right. We’ll be there. Oh, he’s oh, he’s going to work it out for everybody. I hope you enjoyed this conversation. Get inspired, get motivated. We’re going to watch chef Charles, take a dip and we’re going to call it a day here with the happiness 

[00:20:14] Chef Charles: podcast.

[00:20:15] I swear. I swear. I’m trying. Hang on. You know what I’m going to, I’m going to go old school side. They say, they say these phones are waterproof, right? 

[00:20:25] Zach White: Uh, talk to our engineers 

[00:20:27] Chef Charles: at apple. Chef Charles Webb on Instagram. And, uh, yeah, we’ll see you later. 

[00:20:33] Zach White: Cheers