Ken Wah Testimonial

Zach is one of the best coaches around, period. Through Zach’s programs I’ve been able to get promoted, launch a business on the side, land a new job (which was another promotion), and be a better partner to my wife because I was able to do all of that without getting burned out. For those that are interested in the numbers, that is 2 promotions and a $50k increase in salary in less than a year. To say that I’ve ROI’d on my investment in Zach’s programs would be a massive understatement. I’m so thankful to have Zach as a Coach and Mentor.

Matt Sevey

Director of Engineering, CELESTIA LABS

Ken Wah Testimonial

I experienced Zach’s amazing thirst for knowledge, discernment, and ability to apply his insights. I love to see that all he has learned is now being used to help others. Zach is sincere, genuine and willing to roll up his sleeves to help you succeed.”

Ken Whah


Arun - Testimonial

“Zach is one of the most thoughtful engineers and leaders I have ever met. He is very passionate about shaping careers of his own and also helping others big time. He is my go-to person for all of my career advice! He is a servant leader and will always set his bar high! It’s easy to work with a “let’s get it done” attitude person like Zach.”

Arun Harikrishnasamy

Engineering Manager, WHIRLPOOL

Ulli Testimonial

Zach is a wonderfully motivating coach. His 8-week coaching program has taught me a lot of new skills and mindsets that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I have experienced a complete shift from when I started the program to where I am now.”

Ulli Hoff

Systems Engineering Manager, ARTISAN VEHICLES

Leni Wildflower Testimonial

“Fantastic!  I’ll tell you what it is… it’s a combination of emotional intelligence, and a kind of clarity in the way Zach is, and the way he works, and the way he talks, that engineer types can relate to.  At the same time, there is all those people skills, fantastic!”

Leni Wildflower


Ty Hicks Testimonial

Zach can be described in a few words: Authentic. Results-driven. Client committed. As a former engineer and leader of global teams his programs create real solutions for engineers that are designed by a truly excellent professional in their field. He helps engineers reach their next level of professional success while at the same time enriching their at-home fulfillment. His work is perfect for any serious engineering professional looking for their next level.”

Ty Hicks

Mental Health Coach



During one of the first modules of the program, a real life-changing event happened for me.  I realized… I was unhappy because I was living my life outside of my purpose.  It was instantaneous… my relationship with my wife, and my coworkers, has improved 1000%.  I have full clarity now on where I want to reach in my career, and how I’m going to reach it.”

Mauricio Nunes

Software Engineering Manager, FACEBOOK

“Lifestyle Engineering has given me clarity in my relationships, my career, my health, and my mindset that I never had before. That’s what I think makes this program so different from others. Once you have that, nobody can stop you.  You have the confidence to take you where you want to go.”

Kavita Patil

Senior Engineering Manager, WESTERN DIGITAL

“The Lifestyle Engineering Blueprint helped me identify my leadership blind spots. … I can tell you over the last two months of working with Zach, that I have confidence my leadership development has grown 3+ years what I would have done on my own activity and trying to learn from mistakes.”

Aaron Hensler

Senior Engineering Manager, MARELLI AUTOMOTIVE

“I was lost… I didn’t know what my future would be.  I can honestly say after three months with OACO and Zach’s program in engineering leadership, that my life is completely different… And I’m happy!  I don’t dread Mondays anymore.

John Real

Project Engineering Manager, GLM Hydro LLC

“As a result of the program, I received the best performance review I’ve probably had in my entire career!  … Definitely reach out to Zach and work with the OACO team, I highly recommend it.”

Curtis Mitchell

Senior Software Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center

“Being part of the OACO family has been one of my best investments in the last few years!  I got the job I was looking for, I got the role I was looking for… and I’m so thankful to be a part of the Oasis of Courage.”

Vivek Koul

Senior Software Engineering Manager, SALESFORCE

“I had a lot of anxiety around interviewing… I’d failed some interviews in the past and was pretty disheartened. After working with Zach, … I completely changed my mindset and I was able to turn the interview equation around in my favor. I ended up nailing my interviews, and getting the job of my dream!

Eric Melz

Senior Engineering Manager, GUMGUM

“Recently, I found myself out of a job… At first I was skeptical, I wasn’t sure a program like [OACO’s] would really help me for my career… Almost immediately as I started… I had more results, better results, I had more confidence, I was feeling much better during the process. It was a success, I found a new job!”

Carlos Tejada

Senior Engineer, SHERWOOD VALVE

“I’ve been an engineer and engineering manager for around 30 years… I have been through lots of leadership and management and professional development… and I can say that immediately I was touched by this program… You won’t regret it. It will be one of the best things you do for yourself.

Tim Silk

Director of Engineering, HASHICORP

“Initially I was skeptical, but very early on I was already sold, because I was able to benefit from the insights I gathered.  Through the exercises and challenges, it led to a breakthrough in my personal development. Anybody who feels they are stuck in their career, I think this program will be very beneficial.

Heemeng (Chris) Foo

Senior Engineering Manager, THE CLIMATE CORPORATION

“When Zach first explained Lifestyle Engineering to me, I was actually feeling pretty frustrated and confused as to how to progress in my career. Growing in community with other members of Lifestyle Engineering, my eyes have been opened. I’ve found that I have a lot more drive, focus, and even happiness in my job!”

Kylie Mccollum

Project Engineer, WHIRLPOOL

“Working with Zach has brought about positive change in all areas of my life, beyond just helping me enhance my career. I’ve become bolder, more decisive, more confident, and much more aware of my own psychology. I would recommend working with Zach to anyone who wants to become the best possible version of themself.”

JT Whitman

Operations Supervisor, Skidmore Pump

“This program has really helped with my confidence. Zach is passionate about helping others learn. He sees that bigger picture I struggle to see. I can’t recommend this program highly enough. I promise you’ll be challenged, you’ll grow, you’ll learn a lot… and also you’ll make a new friend with Zach, who genuinely will care about you and want to see you succeed.”

Mike Vriezema

Advanced Development Engineer, WHIRLPOOL

“In order to move forward and grow leaps and bounds, I needed three things.  One, a personal 1-on-1 coach to meet my needs.  Two, set very specific goals.  And three, have group accountability. 

I got all those things with the Lifestyle Engineering family.

Ben Donnelly

Telecommunications Engineer, WE CONNECT LLC

“I had always had coaches growing up playing sports, but had never really thought about having a coach for life and career. 

If you’re looking to find that work-life balance, and establish your own values and the vision for your career, I highly recommend you reach out to Zach and join the Lifestyle Engineering family.” 

Kevin Garrison

Technical Program Manager, APPLE