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129: How to Increase Confidence Interviewing and Get the Job You Want

What if I told you you don’t need to be 100% qualified for a new job to apply for it? Have you ever walked into an interview with a sense of self-doubt? If so, how do you overcome it and approach job interviews with confidence?

In today’s episode, I dive deep into a topic that is crucial for career growth and success: confidence in interviewing.

We all know that interviews play a crucial role in advancing our careers, whether it’s for promotions within our current organizations or when seeking opportunities in new companies. But here’s the truth – interviews are not solely about qualifications, they are about engineering confidence.

In this episode, we explore the three mindsets of confidence that are essential for acing your interviews and landing that dream job. I share a real-life example of Charlie, as we uncover the challenges he faced and how we helped him turn his uncertainty into confidence.

So get ready to boost your confidence and learn how to sell yourself as the solution to any company’s problem in today’s episode of The Happy Engineer Podcast.

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The Happy Engineer Podcast

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