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142: Special Thanks and Special Announcement You Don’t Want to Miss

I’m grateful for YOU. Happy Thanksgiving, 2023!

In this special episode of The Happy Engineer Podcast, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving by expressing our gratitude.

From the incredible guests who have shared their wisdom to the over 100,000 downloads of this podcast, we are truly grateful. But most importantly, we want to thank you, our amazing listeners, for investing your precious time with us.

As we continue to bring you valuable content to accelerate your career growth, we invite you to join us on this journey towards creating the career and life of your dreams.

And if you’re ready to take the next step, we have an exciting bonus for you. You have to listen to the episode to hear this special bonus available for a limited time! Then, book a call today to take advantage of it :))


Did you watch the last episode on GRATITUDE ENGINEERING??  It’s amazing, I’d encourage you to check it out.

DOWNLOAD THE PDF WORKBOOK HERE that goes along with the Gratitude Engineering video training. 


The Happy Engineer Podcast

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Overcoming Barriers and Embracing Growth

I am incredibly grateful for this milestone and I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey

Here are the top three insights:

1. Amazing Guests: A big thank you to all the incredible guests who have graced the Happy Engineer podcast with their wisdom and insights. Your time, energy, and support have truly made a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of our listeners. Your contributions have been invaluable, and I’m grateful for the friendships that have been formed through this podcast.

2. 100,000+ Downloads: Hitting the 100,000 download mark is an incredible achievement, and I am beyond grateful to each and every one of you who has taken the time to listen to the Happy Engineer podcast. Your investment of time does not go unnoticed, and it is my commitment to continue creating valuable content to help you accelerate your career growth while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.

3. You, the Listener: The Happy Engineer podcast would not be where it is today without you. Your support, feedback, and dedication to personal growth mean the world to me. I am humbled by your trust and I promise to keep delivering content that adds value to your life and career. Thank you for being a part of this community.

If you know any engineers who would benefit from the Happy Engineer podcast, I would be grateful if you could share the show with them. Let’s continue spreading the message of career growth and lifestyle engineering to even more people!



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[00:00:00] Zach White: Hey, happy engineer. Welcome back Zach white here. And we’re going to do something a bit different, something special in celebration of Thanksgiving here in the United States. If you are outside the us or you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, bear with me because the spirit of gratitude is something I’m really excited to share. With you today and to say thank you to you and to some other amazing people who have made this podcast happen. And to talk about what it means in our own life and stick around till the end as well. Because I have a special bonus for you. 

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[00:00:35] If you were thinking. About taking the next step in your career, sometime between Christmas and Thanksgiving here, these next few weeks of 2023. Uh, first of all, if you missed Monday’s release on gratitude engineering. Go back and check that out, get the worksheet, the PDF that goes with that. And I would encourage you over this Thanksgiving holiday. 

[00:00:57] Take the time to go through that. And invest into gratitude and Thanksgiving for yourself. Be a little old fashioned, be a bit traditional and spend some real time focused on gratitude. Over the holidays, but I’d like the opportunity now to share with you three amazing areas of deep gratitude that I have. Here in my life as. Coach and founder of the Oasis of courage. Host of the happy engineer podcast and the amazing opportunities I have because of it. 

[00:01:30] So, first thing, when I think about the happy engineered podcast and what I’m grateful for. It’s the incredible guests who I’ve been able to have on this show. And for those of you who’ve been around for a long time, maybe some of you have listened to every single episode, but regardless of if this is your first time listening or it’s your 142nd time listening. The incredible guests that have been on this show have been a blessing to me in so many more ways. Than just the investment of their time, energy and wisdom. 

[00:02:04] By sharing freely here on the podcast, they have supported me in my business. They have supported me in my life, supported me in my marriage, supported me in areas of personal development that I didn’t expect. And many of those incredible guests who you’ve enjoyed hearing their wisdom and learning from them and applying their insights. I have been privileged to go on to meet them in real life, to build real relationships and friendships, some deep friendships with these guests. 

[00:02:35] So I want to say thank you to every single guest who has come on, the happy engineer podcast, and shout out to those who I have met in person. I’ve got a list here. It’s pretty long. Brendan. MC Jim Zander, Kate, Sam, Tammy, Jay, Ken, Camille, Leslie Mike Carey, Charles Laban, Josiah Diego, Joshua Jolie, Casey, Tony. That’s just a sample of people who I’ve been able to meet in person who have been guests on this show. 

[00:03:03] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s been tremendous. And for everyone who reached out and requested to be a part of this show who I have not been able to bring on yet. You know, as a listener, you may not realize I get like a dozen requests from people who want to be on the show every single week, because they want the opportunity to share their wisdom with you. 

[00:03:24] And we’re really, really blessed to be able to be selective on who actually comes on the show. But thank you to everyone who has requested. To be on the show, even if you didn’t. Get on yet. The second thing that I’m incredibly grateful for. As host of the happy engineer podcast. Is the opportunity to have had over 100,000 downloads of this podcast. 100,000 times. In engineering leader. Has invested time and energy. To listen to this show. What a blessing. 

[00:03:58] And it reminds me of something that my coach told me before I started the podcast. And if you’ve been on this journey with me for a while, You may remember that I made a commitment at the very beginning of the show. That we would do at least 100 episodes. no matter what happens, even if nobody listens. We are committed to doing 100 episodes. And the first 100 were tremendous. 

[00:04:22] I had an incredible fun time. The work is immense. It’s actually a lot more work than I expected to do the podcast. But it is worth it. I love it. It’s actually my favorite thing I do for marketing. And for giving back with the work here at Oasis of courage. But it’s something my coach said to me before we launched the podcast, that’s still to this day is a driving purpose. 

[00:04:45] Why? I’m so passionate about the happy engineer podcast. His name is Rory Vaden. And Rory said to me, before I launched the podcast, Zack. You are the kind of coach who wants to make a difference. You want to change and transform lives. And you’re helping these engineering managers and leaders to get to that next level. 

[00:05:06] But Zack, here’s the truth. Your marketing. Has the opportunity. To help more people than your coaching ever will. And I thought about that. And the truth of that is really profound. It’s really impactful to me. That the work I do in creating value through marketing, which at the end of the day, the happy engineer podcast is a part of how we market our coaching and services at Oasis of courage. 

[00:05:36] You know, that it’s part of why we’re here. But the reality that this content, which is totally free and will have a legacy, as long as podcasts are a thing. That is really, really powerful that I have the opportunity to help more people for free. With this content than I will ever help. In a paid fashion in any of our coaching or programs that I ever offer. And that’s a really awesome thing. 

[00:06:04] It’s a, it’s one of those give back kind of blessings that has a huge impact on my life. And I’m very, very grateful for the opportunity to serve on a bigger scale, to have that opportunity to get 100,000. And growing quickly as the show continues to get more and more listeners. So thank you. Thank you. 

[00:06:24] Thank you to everyone who has ever downloaded the show and just given me a chance. Given the happy engineer and this mission that we have to create the career of our dreams and the life of our dreams at the same time through lifestyle engineering. What a blessing to help 100,000 and growing we’ll be at 200,000 soon and it’s onward and upward to a million downloads. 

[00:06:47] That’s one of those big goals that I have for this show. To get to a million downloads. So if you know any engineers who really would get value from the show, do me a favor. Hit that share button, send it as a link in a text or an email to somebody who, you know, Who would benefit, but I am so grateful to have made that impact 100,000 plus times with the show. 

[00:07:08] And the third thing I’d like to tell you, That I am incredibly grateful for here at the happy engineer podcast. Is you. You. This doesn’t go anywhere without you. And we may have never met. We may not ever get the chance to work together and that’s okay. Maybe we will, maybe you will be part of one of our coaching programs or you’ve already been. I just want to say, thank you. To you. 

[00:07:38] Thank you for investing your most precious asset. The thing that has more value than anything else in your life. And that is your time. The one limited resource. The one that caps and levels the playing field for all of us. When you invest your time. Listening to the happy engineer podcast. I want you to know, I do not take that lightly. That is a big investment and it is my deepest hope and desire. That you are getting a great return. On that time invested. And I know it’s free to listen. And it is not free. For you to give up your time. And I want to say thank you to you. 

[00:08:20] Thank you for investing that time with me. I mean that sincerely it is not something that is trivial. It is of extremely high. Worth. And so thank you for doing that. And it is my commitment to you that I’m going to continue. To go find amazing guests and to develop and create the best, most valuable content. That we can possibly create to help you accelerate your career growth. And hit the goals that matter for you as an engineering leader. But to do it in a way that fits inside the context of the life that you dream about your whole self. In balance in harmony. And loving the journey starting right now. We’re going to keep doing that. And I hope that you’ll join me all the way through to episode 200 and beyond to 2 million downloads and beyond. Let’s do this. Now I mentioned there’s a bonus if you wanted to stick around. And if there is something going on in your career right now, where you need support. If there’s a goal that you’ve set for yourself in your career that you have not achieved yet, maybe you feel like it’s not happening or a bit stagnant in getting to where you want to go. Maybe you’re crushing it, but you want more support coaching and mentorship to make sure that you don’t fall out of balance along this journey towards growth and success. 

[00:09:42] If you’ve been on the fence or thinking about. Joining us in our lifestyle engineering blueprint program. it’s Thanksgiving, 2023. If you are someone who chooses to enroll in one of our coaching programs here at the Oasis of courage between today and Christmas of 2023. 

[00:10:03] So if you’re listening to this in the future, we may have something special going on, but right now I’m talking about. Folks who are listening as this releases. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2023. If you jump in and start in one of our coaching programs during this stretch, we have an incredibly exciting bonus. That we’re going to be running for this period of time. 

[00:10:27] Only. We may never do this again. It’s something that has a value of up to $2,300. I’d love to share it with you, but you got to jump in and book a career growth audit with our team. See if it’s a fit and get started in one of our programs here in the short window between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

[00:10:44] Here’s the truth. This is the best time. To start investing in your personal development and growth. If you’ve been thinking about it, I promise you right now is the time there’s something special about the holidays. It’s slows down the pace of our work. We have more time to invest in ourselves. We also have that time with family and friends when we’re off work around Christmas and new years, where we can really explore who we are as a whole person, not just under the stress and anxiety of work. 

[00:11:13] Plus January 1st, when we turn over that calendar. There is a momentum and an energy there that really cannot be replaced. There’s something about the cultural context of new year, new you that does set you up for success. And the people who get the best results in 2024. We’ll be the people who start today. So if that’s you and you want to take advantage of a rare opportunity to get a huge bonus as part of our coaching programs, don’t hesitate. 

[00:11:41] There’s a link in the show notes where you can book time with us, or you can grab your phone and text the word lifestyle. To 5, 5, 4, 4, 4. 5 5, 4, 4, 4. It’s that five digit short code. One word lifestyle, shoot us a text. We’ll get you the info to set that up. There is no pressure. I’m not saying this because it’s something you need to do if it’s not for you. 

[00:12:05] No worries. But if it’s something that you’ve been thinking about the now is the time take action. Let’s do it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank I enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy this holiday season as we come toward the end of the year. And my encouragement for everyone. I don’t slack off. Don’t go halfhearted for the rest of this year. 

[00:12:28] Finished strong finish in the way that you want to show up and perform every single day. And beginning right now. Get deep into that spirit and energy of gratitude. Let it fill your heart, mind, and soul. And I’ll see you back here for another amazing episode of the happy engineer podcast. Next week. Let’s do this.