Imagine your favorite video game. What is it you love about that game? What makes it so fun to play?

Now imagine “real life” for a moment. What if your real life was actually a video game?

In this episode, enter the matrix with Founder of Edge Theory Labs and former Director of Operations at High Impact Coaching, Joshua Church. He helps high performers stress less and achieve more, is a sought-after coach around the world, leads transformational retreats in remote locations, and helps you operate as a more happy, healthy, and successful human being.

And we talk extensively about video games.

More specifically, how your real life can be reframed as a game, and how this mindset is not about escaping reality… but bringing peace and power into every moment.

You will learn how to upgrade your own operating system, so you can play this game of life at a higher level.

So press play and let’s chat…because it’s time to take the controller into your own hands!

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