Have you experienced BURNOUT? Are you there now? Why are more engineers than ever before feeling burned out?

In this episode, you will meet the Chief Burnout Officer himself, Michael Levitt. Previously a leading healthcare executive managing $2 billion dollar budgets, he is now a global thought leader on workplace culture.

Michael experienced a massive burnout of his own in 2009, where over a period of 369 days, the following happened:

– A heart attack that should’ve killed him.
– Lost his job during the economic recession.
– Had his car repossessed.
– And had his home foreclosed.

Talk about a year of worst-case scenarios! Yet Michael sees this as a positive, because it gave him a second chance to rebuild from scratch, and learn how to prevent burnout permanently.

He’s going to bring that wisdom and actionable insights for daily life to build your career without suffering burnout.

So press play and let’s chat… so you can avoid your own year of worst-case scenarios!

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