In this episode, we prove that working hard doesn’t have to feel like hard work with strengths expert and leadership coach, Daria Williamson.

For the last decade, Daria has been coaching leaders to peak performance through practical advice and activities designed to help people go from burnout, boredom and stress to power and motivation.

Today we will help you understand the importance of working in your zone of genius, and how to increase the amount of time you invest in genius.

If you want to accelerate your career growth, this conversation is for you.

Daria shows how everyone has the capacity to leverage their strengths and neutralize their weaknesses to move forward.

She has recently published her book ‘Unleash Your Awesome’, which in tandem with her well-known ‘Strengths Deck’ is a powerful resource I encourage you to check out. Click the Full Show Notes link above for the details.

So press play and let’s chat… there’s a new strengths game in town and it’s AWESOME!

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