In this episode, meet Founder and CEO of Make More Leaders, Vamsi Polimetla. He coaches ambitious executives to achieve their lifelong goals.

Today we talk about miracles, million dollar insights, and the true nature of wealth in your life.

You’ve heard coaches talk about “becoming the best version of yourself” if you hang out on Instagram at all. Well Vamsi was recently in India with THE COACH who started the popular movement toward BECOMING.

Discover a new twist on the old metaphor of fitting more rocks in the jar of your life.

And more importantly, learn how slowing down is going to help you get what you want most.

Vamsi has successfully coached executives from companies like Salesforce, Amazon, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Blue Cross, J. Walter Thompson, Deloitte, Verizon and the list goes on.

So press play and let’s chat… because you’re next on the road to become your absolute best!

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