In this episode, Founder and CEO at Turning Point Executive Search and “The Practical Optimist” author, Ken Schmitt, is here to help you land your next level of success at work.

For 26 years Ken has been searching for the best talent on the planet, and realized the importance of balance between practical realism and joyful optimism. He knows how A-players land A+ opportunities.

If you want to play at the top of your game, you’ll want to know how Ken uses an external ecosystem to maintain balance, and the one question to never ask when networking.

Ken also shares where 80% of the best opportunities are found today.

Now he supports professionals in channeling both the logical and the visionary pieces of successful leadership. In addition to moderating domestic and global leadership panels, he is the Founder of the Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance where he spent 11 years interviewing CEOs, business leaders and entrepreneurs about the best way to make an impact in the modern business world.

So press play and let’s chat… I’m optimistic about this episode changing your career!

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