What questions are shaping your destiny? Do you even believe in destiny? How do you improve your mental fitness (is there a gym for that)?

In this episode, we do more than ask questions. We are going to explore questions themselves like the philosophers of old. Guest Marc Champagne has been living a personal transformation from powerful questions and mental fitness. He recently launched an exceptional new book, “Personal Socrates” you will love.

Questions lead and answers follow. So ask great questions if you want great answers!

Marc has been mastering the power of questions at a whole new level. He unpacks the mental fitness practices and questions being asked by some of the most influential and brightest thinkers in the world. He has over a decade of research behind him, but more importantly, his own life.

Despite practicing mental fitness for years, Marc hit rock bottom and learned the power of questions and personal introspection the hard way.

So press play and let’s chat… and start asking yourself, “how will this conversation change my life?”

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