PASSION or GRIT? Which one will help you build the career of your dreams?

And if it’s both, what does that really look like?

In this episode, meet Vice President of Engineering at Boulevard, Dana Sherrell. Her leadership success spans a variety of technology companies including SendGrid, Advatech Pacific, Optivus Technology, and Senior Director of Engineering at Twilio where she oversaw their entire email platform group.

Dana understands the challenges of building technology for massive scale. We’re talking BILLIONS of emails.

She also understands the challenges of building a career for meaning, impact, and happiness in your zone of genius.

One of those challenges is your ego. Dana explains how ego almost derailed her career and how to deal with it. She also gives some sage advice on how passion and grit show up in the workplace.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time for the genius in you to come out!

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