In this episode, meet Ty Hoesgen. An elite communication coach, 2X best-selling author, and the Founder of Advanced Growth Institute, Ty helps professionals communicate with confidence, charisma, and clarity.

If you want more respect, more opportunities, and more money, communication is the key to unlock a new level.

Motivated by his struggles as a shy, awkward kid growing up on a farm, Ty has spent many years and thousands of hours researching, practicing, and experimenting in order to master the world of communication.

Determined to make others’ journeys less painful than his own, he dedicated his life to figuring out the success formula for communication skills.

Ty now uses this formula to help people change their lives as quickly as possible — introverts, extroverts, and people of all skill levels. He’s currently helped over 300 people radically improve their communication skills.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to go from low level implementation to high level communication!

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