Confused between a big “brand name” company career, versus joining a small “hip & cool” startup? How can you know which will be a great fit? What are you most afraid of?

In this episode, face fear, overcome imposter syndrome and find your perfect fit with Kate Terrell. Her life was changed by “9/11” (September 11, 2001 being in Manhattan). Since then, her success and resume in developing talent is too long to outline.

Currently, Kate is the Chief People Officer at rapidly growing startup, Aktana. She is the former SVP & CHRO at Driscoll’s. And before that, where we first met, she was VP of HR for the Global Products Organization at Whirlpool Corporation.

But it’s not her stratospheric accomplishments that will draw you into this conversation. Kate is an engineer’s executive. She looked at the worst case scenario, faced her fears, and took action.

It’s what she learned about integrating work and life along the way that you don’t want to miss.

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