In this episode, you’ll get to meet Jay Aigner. He is a consulting evangelist.

You may relate with Jay, who had his first kid at age 19, in college, 1000 miles from home. He graduated, got a job in his dream industry and worked the 9-5 grind for years.

Eventually a new challenge presented itself … get his wife out of working as an overnight long-term pediatric nurse.

What is your challenge? Why is your current life no longer acceptable? Most importantly, what’s the solution?

For Jay, it was consulting.

Fast-forward a few years later, he grew JDAQA, his company, from a one man software testing consultancy based on his 9-5 experience to a 7-figure testing agency powerhouse with 60+ employees. Jay is a father of 5, amateur astrophotographer, student pilot, hockey player, and podcast host as well.

His unique 5 for 5 morning routine is his foundation for crushing results, and we cover that and more in this powerful conversation.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to get off the fence and get clear on your consulting business!

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