What does the future of data science and machine learning have to teach you about life?

How can you take the best parts of your work life and use them to optimize your home life?

In this episode, we follow the data and learn as we go with Developer Advocate at CometML, Kristen Kehrer. She has been awarded “LinkedIn Top Voice” in data science and continues to share remarkable content with her audience of over 88,000 technical leaders.

Her passion for machine learning is mirrored by passion for optimizing her life, and we explore both together today.

Kristen is a former Data Science instructor at UC Berkeley Ext, Faculty/SME at Emeritus Institute of Management and Founder of Data Moves Me, LLC. Kristen holds an MS in Applied Statistics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a BS in Mathematics.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to take a look at the data of our lives and iterate to the next level!

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