Harmonicas are magic, did you know that? If you were live on stage, doing improv, and someone handed you a magic harmonica… What would you do with it?

How often do you celebrate in your career and life? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? HOURLY?

In this episode, enjoy an incredibly fun and mindset-shifting conversation with workplace expert, speaker, author, and humorist, Joel Zeff. For nearly 25 years, Joel has entertained and helped transform countless leaders at over 2,500 events through his unique blend of hilarious improvisational comedy and essential ideas on work and life.

In 1991, Joel made the news with his magic harmonica. I know you’ll love his story.

The Tao of TA-DA is here to celebrate with you. More importantly, he’s going to teach you how (and why) you need to celebrate the “TA-DA” moments of your daily life. Joel understands that change is not optional, and learning how to thrive under the immense pressure of sudden disruption will accelerate your career.

It will lower your stress levels too.

So press play and let’s chat… because your biggest TA-DA of the day is right now!

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