In this episode, meet the VP of Engineering at Freeosk, Megan Ford.

Now a female engineering executive, her career path was a winding road and ups, downs and lots of challenges. But she held on to a core belief that you must keep an open mind, ask lots of questions, and be willing to make decisions.

Megan shares how self doubt can be really loud when facing a big transition, and you suddenly feel like you have to learn everything all over again. You might also be surprised to hear that Megan, a top performer, was let go.

That was something she never expected to face in her career. But it happens and it is 1000% ok.

We dig into the reality of career building: Not every job, role, boss, is going to be a good fit. Reflect and move on.

And if you’re a woman in engineering, this conversation will be doubly encouraging.

Megan loves the outdoors as everything is better outside, and coffee, because everything is better with coffee also.

So press play and let’s chat… the path for your career growth begins now!

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