In this episode, we reconnect with a true renaissance man, Cary Jack.

I spent five days in the back-country wilderness with Cary in Montana on one of his Epic Mastermind Adventures and can tell you, he has cracked the code on Blissful Balance.

Cary played semi-pro soccer in Barcelona, studied kung fu and tai chi from a world-renowned master, is an avid outdoorsman and horse-loving cowboy currently living in Montana, and has significant achievements in biohacking, modeling, acting, and oh yeah… entrepreneurship.

He appeared on the podcast in episode 034 where we covered his secret to Blissful Balance. I highly recommend you jump back and check it out as well..

Now almost two years later, Cary is a new dad and has been challenged in new ways to find balance. Through this experience, and having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs who know what it means to be busy… Cary has taken his signature work and book, “The Happy Hustle” to a whole new level.

So press play and let’s chat… because we never stop finding balance as life changes and grows!

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