Who is responsible for your career? The answer is YOU, but do you actually know what owning your career looks like in the modern workplace?

Have you ever felt like you “missed the train” when it comes to career growth?

In this episode, you will discover the keys to owning your career. Lauren Herring is CEO of IMPACT Group, one of the largest woman-owned career and leadership coaching companies globally, supporting over 200 Fortune 500 companies, in over 50 countries worldwide.

Lauren has good news for you.

There is no train.

But that is no excuse for not taking ownership of what you need to do in order to move things forward in your career!

Lauren has received the Game Changer Award by Workforce Magazine and has been published or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fast Company.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to promote yourself to CEO of your own career!

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