In this episode, you’ll meet a Software Engineering Leader at Meta®️ who has overcome three of the biggest challenges engineers face, Mauricio Nunes. His resume includes Amazon, Spotify, and Facebook, but that didn’t make him immune to these barriers:

* Lack of clarity and direction.

* Self doubt and the need to feel in control.

* Fear of the unknown and the risks of change.

Not only has Mauricio crushed these challenges, but years later he is still growing, leading and loving his career with no stress. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow with no stress?

It doesn’t mean there are no problems to solve, but it’s completely possible to experience freedom from negative thoughts and win back your life. Mauricio is going to tell you how he did it in the toughest environment of all… BIG TECH.

So press play and let’s chat… immediate transformation is possible when you discover a life ON purpose!

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