What is happening behind the closed doors of Human Resources? Do you know what it takes to become a CTO level leader? How do you deal with engineering stereotypes?

In this episode, go behind the scenes with my good friend, Vice President & Global HR leader at Visa, Sam Tam. You will immediately feel his energy, experience, and passion to see leaders like you succeed. He is in the room for the highest level talent decisions and development planning for Fortune 200 organizations.

Now you are too.

Originally from Ghana, Sam spent his childhood years in Athens, Greece. He has lived and worked for leading companies in New York, Boston, Michigan, Italy, San Francisco, and Asia Pacific. He loves traveling, eating and more traveling! Discovering new cultures, exploring the unknown and being adventurous and spontaneous is what keeps him ticking. His passion for food is balanced with a love for being active and outdoors

Sam is a true Lifestyle Engineer at heart.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to accelerate your career with insights from the inside.

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