In this episode, we tackle the hot topic of work that aligns with your purpose, versus a job that only pays your bills, with my good friend Jim Carter III.

If you have ever questioned your career path and wondered if the mission and meaning behind your company is truly aligned with your own values, then don’t miss this conversation.

Jim is a programmer turned passionate founder, public speaker, Fortune 15 consultant & AI strategist. With the experience of growing multiple 7 figure businesses in tech & content, he specializes in advising brands, experts & Social Impact organizations on maximizing growth using content & technology.

His passion for purpose has him known as the @CauseHacker.

Focusing on AI, tech expertise & business growth, Jim mentors scaling entrepreneurs through his Fast Foundations Mastermind & empowers entrepreneurs to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in their daily lives & businesses.

Proud #girldad, lover of coffee, and dad joke aficionado, Jim will guide, challenge & unblock the biggest challenges you have in a simple & actionable form.

So press play and let’s chat…it’s time to start living ON purpose!

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