Does hearing “it can’t be done” motivate you, or shut you down? What role does passion play in your mental health at work? How do you show the world (and LinkedIn) your career goals without rocking the boat at your current company?

In this episode, launch into these questions and more with former SpaceX engineer, Brian Mejeur. His team pioneered the refurbishment process of rocket engines. After six years at SpaceX, he moved on as acting Head of US Drone Operations at a drone data tech startup.

It’s time to geek out and accelerate your career with a propulsion engineer turned COO/CTO.

Brian has wisdom for you from both sides of the coin. Big company, and small company. Engineer doing the job, and now a recruiter searching for the best engineers on the planet. He’s the Founder of AdAstra Talent Acquisition with his wife and business partner, Seyka (a former guest on episode 10).

Outside of work, Brian is a new father, world traveler, hiker, and loves adventure.

So press play and let’s chat… and discover the deeper meaning of being a Lifestyle Engineer!

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