Do you work hard? Are you chasing success in your career and life? You’re not alone.

Here’s the problem. What you chase… runs away!

What if you could change one belief, and start seeing success come toward you instead?

In this episode, meet the World’s Best Unconscious Beliefs Specialist, Tim Shurr.

He is the foremost expert on freeing people from anxiety, past trauma, and bad habits that sabotage your success. He is the creator of the revolutionary One Belief Away™ Method developed through facilitating over 15,000 individual Hypnosis coaching sessions and hundreds of group training experiences over the last 34 years.

Tim explains why working harder and getting smarter is not the answer, especially for engineering leaders like you.

We cover a powerful technique for self-coaching, to expose blocks and barriers in your career growth. Tim also shows you how to use fear to your advantage.

So press play and let’s chat… because the next level in your career and life is just one belief away!

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