You’ve heard about the Great Resignation, but what are the long term impacts of this shift in the workplace?

How is this impacting your company, or your own career path?

Why are leading experts saying this is quickly becoming the Great Regret?

In this episode, I’m honored to welcome back an incredible coach, CEO, and dear friend, Kon Apostolopoulos. We answer these questions and more based on thousands of hours spent coaching and consulting with industry leaders during the Great Resignation.

Every engineering leader from IC to VP needs to hear this conversation.

Coach Kon is a speaker, author, and sought-after expert in performance and change management that has delivered hundreds of workshops and events for leaders in North America and Europe. His work helping leaders navigate a crisis during the global pandemic has set him apart as a leading voice in how to build high performance teams during challenging times.

So press play and let’s chat… so you don’t look back on your career decisions with regret!

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