How many minutes can you 100% focus before losing your mental edge? Do you know where to find the most deadly distractions in your career? Are you hustling to climb the wrong ladder?

In this episode, be prepared to find your personal edge with high performance productivity coach, April Garcia. As an advisor to international billion dollar companies and small agile startups, this former scientist is more than another “get more done” guru. Her Multiply Me methodology delivers 3x more work done in less hours per day.

You are going to feel your productivity increase the moment she starts talking.

No need to put this episode on 1.25x speed… it will feel that way all on its own. Get your notebook out, because April is going to reveal what BLOCKS you from personal productivity. Then she gives you immediate action steps to increase it. That’s my kind of coach!

So press play and let’s chat… and enjoy a free session with the coach you’d like to have a beer with!

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