In this episode, we answer the hard questions about how to increase velocity in your career with talent expert and career coach, Gina Riley.

You will learn why your previous role is blocking you from landing your next one, and how to prevent the cycle of loss from being a barrier.

We cover the three keys to executive presence, including one that I’ve never explored before on the podcast!

And most importantly, Gina will explain why you should NOT start with your resume when you want to reach the next level..

Gina is an authority in career transition. She’s the creator of the Career Velocity™ System – a comprehensive solution that helps leaders and executives map out a transition strategy that is proven. It has helped leaders to transition to their next role in 6 months or less, 85% of the time.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to hit the gas pedal and get results, because success loves speed!

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