What does the world of Judo have to offer the world of engineering? How can you increase your effectiveness in every meeting, in just 30 seconds? Is courage the same around the world?

In this episode, an experienced engineer and skilled martial artist will bring you the beautiful overlap of two worlds. Hansel Ramathal has his black belt… and I’m not talking about six sigma. As a competitor and student of Judo, he has built a powerful mindset on the mat.

Discover how this mindset will change your work life and results immediately.

Hansel was recently on assignment in Japan with his wife and family. We discuss the culture of engineering, and the culture of courage across time zones. Have you ever felt like your brain was sweating because the pressure was so high? If you are on a global team, you don’t want to miss this.

So press play and let’s chat… or else your opponent will pin you to the mat!

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