Want to join Amazon, Facebook, or the other big tech giants? Is your life being driven by fear or purpose? Has anyone ever accused you of being a control freak?

In this episode, you are in for a special treat as I speak to a friend and former client, Mauricio Nunes. I had the privilege of coaching Mauricio through a total transformation in his career and life, and he courageously shares his story with you in this conversation.

He is a leader in technology, currently managing a team of software developers in a dream job at Facebook. Mauricio has also held leadership roles at Spotify, and Amazon. He shares his major breakthroughs and how to achieve results with you. A master at technical interviewing, Mauricio has a passion for mentoring others seeking to land their dream jobs in big tech.

What is more inspiring than his career success is how Mauricio is truly happy, and living a life of purpose.

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