In this episode, you’ll meet Eric Nehrlich. He used to be miserable.

An achiever who always exceeded expectations, he landed a dream job at Google. But a couple years later he was working 8am to midnight every day, including most weekends, drowning in emails and meetings.

Eric felt completely stuck, with no idea how his life was ever going to change.

Today, his work is meaningful and inspiring, and he is happy. Eric spends quality time with his family, while still having time for his own pursuits.

What changed?

He realized he had a choice.

Now an Executive Coach to top technology leaders at companies like X (Twitter), Amazon, and of course Google, Eric authored the book, “You Have a Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact”, to help you realize the same thing.

So press play and let’s chat… if you want to be happy and successful in your career, the choice is yours.

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