Can you imagine sitting in hospice with five of your team members as they passed from this life, in a period of only ten months? Does self-care ever feel selfish to you? Why do people use the words, “busy”, “sorry”, and “just” so often?

In this episode, Heart-Centered Leadership expert and coach, Deb Crowe, goes straight to the heart of your career and life. Deb has held many hands during times of trauma, grief, loss, and she extends a hand of love to you today.

Discover the truth of how critical self-care is for engineering leaders and executives. Here’s a hint: it’s not an occasional chocolate bar or weekend getaway to an AirBnB. How can you know if you have a healthy self-care mindset? Deb will tell you.

Whether you have experienced trauma in your own life or not, if you are on the road to burnout or not, it doesn’t matter. Every engineer needs what Deb shares in this conversation. This is for YOU.

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