In this episode, meet an amazing father-daughter duo, Shawn Dalcour and Keshia Robinson.

If you have ever felt stuck, stagnant, uncertain, or afraid to take that next step in your career, you must hear what Shawn and Keshia brought to our conversation today.

Shawn went from the projects of Chicago, growing up in a neighborhood where the life expectancy was only 30 years old… to arguably the most successful project leader I’ve had on this podcast!

He earned an engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and built his engineering career on elite teams at places like IBM, Oracle, Adobe, and Verizon, where he is currently responsible for $1.3 billion in revenue as Global Technology Alliance Manager, Partner Business Development & Innovation Leader.

His daughter Keshia has her own amazing journey, currently serving as Director of Operations for the National Society of Black Engineers. She has witnessed first hand the power of her father going from tragedy to triumph, and is giving back to the community of engineering leaders as part of that legacy.

So press play and let’s chat…because nothing was impossible for Shawn, and nothing is impossible for you!

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