In this episode, we journey from the island, to the city, to an offshore oil platform in pursuit of wisdom from the life of energy management expert, Ryan Roper.

If you know that leaving a legacy through your life, your work, and your family matters deeply to you, then this episode is going to hit home.

Ryan’s career in the energy sector began at birth, being from one of the oldest oil provinces in the world, and is a true global expert with nearly two decades of hands-on experience.

We dismantle the power of fear that holds engineering leaders back from their potential, and how to face the uncertainty of a future full of innovation. Whether it’s artificial intelligence and machine learning, transitioning toward net-zero and more sustainable energy solutions, or dozens of other areas, you need to be ready to face these challenges head on.

Ryan holds his Bachelors in Chemistry from Morehouse College, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, Masters in Business and Energy Management from Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, and studied Data Analytics at Harvard.

So press play and let’s chat… you may not take a helicopter to work, but it’s time to get a 3,000 foot view on your life and happiness!

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