Let me tell you a story about the day storytelling died. Once upon a time…

Wait, WHAT? Isn’t storytelling timeless?

In this episode, global strategist and leadership coach, Guillaume Wiatr, will show you the importance of building strategic narratives. He is the Founder of MetaHelm, a consulting firm which guides CEOs and Founders to align people and accelerate innovation adoption.

For Guillaume, traditional business storytelling is dead. Innovation happens when you build a new narrative instead. As he says, “people will pay for a story, but they will die for a narrative”.

We explore his custom 4-dimensions framework leveraged by senior executives of companies like Alaska Airlines, The Gates Foundation, AIG, L’Oréal, Google, Microsoft, and the US and French governments (to name a few).

And you can apply it to building your career.

So press play and let’s chat… How do you like that story?

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