In this episode, we meet a leader who has gone from engineer, to CEO, then back to engineer, and back to CEO again, Pete Hunt.

If you want to make an impact through technology, and can’t decide if Fortune 100 or Inc. 1000 is right for you, or you struggle to make hard choices in engineering your career… then you are going to love learning from Pete.

In his early career, Pete led Instagram’s web team, built Instagram’s business analytics products, and helped to open source Facebook’s React.js (you can find him speaking at conferences around the world on YouTube).

After that, he co-founded and served as CEO of Smyte, an anti-abuse provider that was acquired by Twitter. During these experiences he discovered the keys to building and leading a data engineering team, and making hard choices like selecting an app’s tech stack.

Now, Pete is the CEO of Elementl which builds Dagster, an open-source data orchestration tool.

So press play and let’s chat… if 2 billion users are benefitting from Pete’s hard choices, you can too.

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