What are you the best in the world at? Most engineering leaders give a blank stare when asked that question. Full confession, so did I.

How do you become your own superhero in life?

In this episode, meet the man affectionately known as the World’s Best Courage Coach, Laban Ditchburn. He teaches people to bet on themselves.

A child badly affected by divorce, poverty and dysfunction, Laban sought validation and escapism in all the wrong places.

But through self-discovery and a ton of hard work, he conquered the full gamut of addiction—alcohol, sex, gambling, drugs, and negative self-talk.

By understanding and then reverse-engineering the root cause, giving up his addictions was almost effortless.

Now he revels in unabashedly sharing what he’s learned: How to conquer the demons you don’t know you have, and how to be unstoppable in getting to where you want to be.

So press play and let’s chat… because it’s time to bet on you!

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