When you look up at the night sky and see the stars, what do you feel inside? Now imagine crawling on your hands and knees, dangerously traversing the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan at night, fleeing your home at the age of six, just hoping for safety… and look up.

Now how do you feel?

In this episode, you will hear a story of overcoming impossible odds with aerospace engineering leader, Myra Nawabi.

Her resume is already impressive. Executive Director of Operations at PLX, before that a Senior Manager at Lockheed Martin, she has her Aeronautical Engineering Degree from Arizona State, a Masters in Leadership from Cal State, and Myra is just getting started.

It has not been easy.

She is a refugee who survived war in her home country. Her college professor told her she should be at home, barefoot and pregnant. She dropped out of engineering and became a teacher, leaving her lifelong dream of working in the space sector.

Then she got a second chance.

So press play and let’s chat… because Myra will inspire you to persist and overcome any challenge you face!

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