What five words would you carry to motivate yourself, for the next 30 YEARS? How deeply do you struggle with self-doubt? Have you been trained how to fire, and not just how to hire?

In this episode, the former Vice President of Sales at Wiley Publishing, Dean Karrel, is going to help you defeat doubt. Step outside your usual engineering department lens and learn from one of the most sincere coaches in the business.

Dean has carried the same note in his wallet for more than 30 years. A note that carried him through tough times, and served as the fuel he needed when motivation to do hard things was wearing thin. Discover what that note said, and why it matters for you today.

You don’t need to be in sales to need what Dean has to offer. Every engineer I know will benefit from this conversation, and I want to see you win!

So press play and let’s chat… maybe you will keep The Happy Engineer in your pocket for motivation the next 30 years!

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