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The Happy Engineer Podcast helps engineers at all levels to achieve career success without suffering burnout. Build your career, balance your life, and be happy!

Your host, Zach White, knows what it takes to be a successful engineer. Each week, the former engineering leader, now turned CEO and sought after Lifestyle Engineering Coach, will help you create an action plan to level up your career while designing a life you love.

Enjoy inspiring conversations with experts from all corners of industry and life, redefining work-life balance for a new world.  Stop living below your potential, engineer!  Learn how to overcome any career obstacle you face.  Get off the road to burnout.

Crush comfort, create courage, and LET’S DO THIS!



Zach White is a widely regarded Coach known worldwide for changing the game in engineering career coaching.  He has worked with engineers at all levels from dozens of top companies like Apple, Google, and General Motors to escape burnout and achieve breakthrough results.  Zach is the founder and CEO of OACO, a fast growing company with unique and proven coaching programs exclusively for engineers.  He also hosts The Happy Engineer Podcast, where listeners discover the steps to engineering success through expert interviews and Zach’s own transformational framework, the Lifestyle Engineering Blueprint.  

Zach understands the engineering journey first hand, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University, and a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.  With over a decade of experience and top performance in a $20B organization, he is now a sought after Coach by engineering leaders around the world.  

As a growing entrepreneur, Zach is also a Partner at PermaVentures, a private equity investment group and startup studio based in Southwest Michigan.

Zach White - Happy Engineer Podcast host



018: Stereotypes and CTO’s with Sam Tam

018: Stereotypes and CTO’s with Sam Tam

What is happening behind the closed doors of Human Resources? Do you know what it takes to become a CTO level leader? How do you deal with engineering stereotypes?

In this episode, go behind the scenes with my good friend, Vice President & Global HR leader at Visa, Sam Tam. You will immediately feel his energy, experience, and passion to see leaders like you succeed. He is in the room for the highest level talent decisions and development planning for Fortune 200 organizations.

Now you are too.

Originally from Ghana, Sam spent his childhood years in Athens, Greece. He has lived and worked for leading companies in New York, Boston, Michigan, Italy, San Francisco, and Asia Pacific. He loves traveling, eating and more traveling! Discovering new cultures, exploring the unknown and being adventurous and spontaneous is what keeps him ticking. His passion for food is balanced with a love for being active and outdoors

Sam is a true Lifestyle Engineer at heart.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to accelerate your career with insights from the inside.

017: Social Anxiety Society with Mark Metry

017: Social Anxiety Society with Mark Metry

Are you shy? Why do so many engineering leaders struggle with social anxiety? Did you know your biochemistry may be working against you when it comes to being social?

In this episode, witness the power of complete transformation in our guest, Mark Metry. He went from social anxiety slave, to total freedom, being fully himself in front of huge audiences all over the world. Mark shares his incredible journey, and the science behind social anxiety that is rarely discussed.

If you have ever felt uncomfortable in a social setting, you must listen to this!

Now, Mark hosts the Social Anxiety Society podcast, and is the bestselling author of Screw Being Shy: Learn How to Manage Social Anxiety and Be Yourself in Front of Anyone! Mark has been featured in Forbes, TEDx, HuffPost, Mindvalley, Inc and has spoken alongside Olympian Athletes, New York Times Bestselling authors, and Fortune 500 CEO’s.

Go with us on a journey of how to be yourself in front of anyone, not be shy with proven neuroscience, best mental health practices, and stories from the world’s most successful people.

So press play and let’s chat… and stop letting social anxiety limit your career.

016: Personal Socrates with Marc Champagne

016: Personal Socrates with Marc Champagne

What questions are shaping your destiny? Do you even believe in destiny? How do you improve your mental fitness (is there a gym for that)?

In this episode, we do more than ask questions. We are going to explore questions themselves like the philosophers of old. Guest Marc Champagne has been living a personal transformation from powerful questions and mental fitness. He recently launched an exceptional new book, “Personal Socrates” you will love.

Questions lead and answers follow. So ask great questions if you want great answers!

Marc has been mastering the power of questions at a whole new level. He unpacks the mental fitness practices and questions being asked by some of the most influential and brightest thinkers in the world. He has over a decade of research behind him, but more importantly, his own life.

Despite practicing mental fitness for years, Marc hit rock bottom and learned the power of questions and personal introspection the hard way.

So press play and let’s chat… and start asking yourself, “how will this conversation change my life?”

015: Career Rocket Fuel with Brian Mejeur

015: Career Rocket Fuel with Brian Mejeur

Does hearing “it can’t be done” motivate you, or shut you down? What role does passion play in your mental health at work? How do you show the world (and LinkedIn) your career goals without rocking the boat at your current company?

In this episode, launch into these questions and more with former SpaceX engineer, Brian Mejeur. His team pioneered the refurbishment process of rocket engines. After six years at SpaceX, he moved on as acting Head of US Drone Operations at a drone data tech startup.

It’s time to geek out and accelerate your career with a propulsion engineer turned COO/CTO.

Brian has wisdom for you from both sides of the coin. Big company, and small company. Engineer doing the job, and now a recruiter searching for the best engineers on the planet. He’s the Founder of AdAstra Talent Acquisition with his wife and business partner, Seyka (a former guest on episode 10).

Outside of work, Brian is a new father, world traveler, hiker, and loves adventure.

So press play and let’s chat… and discover the deeper meaning of being a Lifestyle Engineer!

014: Entitled Engineers with Gina Covarrubias

014: Entitled Engineers with Gina Covarrubias

Did you have “the knack” for engineering as a kid? Has work stress negatively affected your health? Are you an entitled engineer? How does all this relate?

In this episode, we dig into real life and real challenges with engineering career coach, Gina Covarrubias. She has her master’s degree in engineering, but her doctorate in LIFE. You attract what you are, not what you want. Gina helps you explore who and what you really are today.

She’s an amazing coach, but more importantly, she genuinely cares about you.

Her inspiring personal story includes an unhappy engineering career that led to short term disability, a failed plan of recovery, and a surprise discovery of deep purpose along the way. I know you are going to love how you feel at the end of this conversation. You will also love how we turn a great feeling into inspired action for your career happiness.

So press play and let’s chat… and get ready for a visit to the engineering career mechanic!

013: Deadly Distraction with April Garcia

013: Deadly Distraction with April Garcia

How many minutes can you 100% focus before losing your mental edge? Do you know where to find the most deadly distractions in your career? Are you hustling to climb the wrong ladder?

In this episode, be prepared to find your personal edge with high performance productivity coach, April Garcia. As an advisor to international billion dollar companies and small agile startups, this former scientist is more than another “get more done” guru. Her Multiply Me methodology delivers 3x more work done in less hours per day.

You are going to feel your productivity increase the moment she starts talking.

No need to put this episode on 1.25x speed… it will feel that way all on its own. Get your notebook out, because April is going to reveal what BLOCKS you from personal productivity. Then she gives you immediate action steps to increase it. That’s my kind of coach!

So press play and let’s chat… and enjoy a free session with the coach you’d like to have a beer with!

012: Lasting Happiness with Dr. Elia Gourgouris

012: Lasting Happiness with Dr. Elia Gourgouris

Is it true that happiness is a choice? How were you branded as a baby, and how has that affected you? What is the difference between work/life balance and work/life integration?

In this episode, you are going to the doctor. The Happiness Doctor! Dr. Elia Gourgouris has been helping thousands of leaders to achieve deep and lasting fulfillment for the past 25 years. Dr. Elia is a coach, speaker, and author of the #1 Best Seller, “7 Paths to Lasting Happiness.”

He is about to challenge your beliefs about what it takes to be happy. Are you ready?

Discover three traits of the happiest people on earth. Dig deeper into gratitude and the power of this practice. Become an enlightened leader who changes the culture at work where we desperately need it. Learn how to have a HOT convo… honest, open, and transparent conversations. And we are just warming up.

So press play and let’s chat… your happiness depends on it!

011: Martial Arts and Engineering with Hansel Ramathal

011: Martial Arts and Engineering with Hansel Ramathal

What does the world of Judo have to offer the world of engineering? How can you increase your effectiveness in every meeting, in just 30 seconds? Is courage the same around the world?

In this episode, an experienced engineer and skilled martial artist will bring you the beautiful overlap of two worlds. Hansel Ramathal has his black belt… and I’m not talking about six sigma. As a competitor and student of Judo, he has built a powerful mindset on the mat.

Discover how this mindset will change your work life and results immediately.

Hansel was recently on assignment in Japan with his wife and family. We discuss the culture of engineering, and the culture of courage across time zones. Have you ever felt like your brain was sweating because the pressure was so high? If you are on a global team, you don’t want to miss this.

So press play and let’s chat… or else your opponent will pin you to the mat!

010: Choose Passion with Seyka Mejeur

010: Choose Passion with Seyka Mejeur

You know that thing you need to do, but just don’t want to? Have you ever considered the possibility of choosing passion, rather than finding it? How do you know if your mentor is helping you grow or holding you back?

In this episode, we cover everything from the scariest moments to the simplest tactics with multi-passionate entrepreneur and engineering talent acquisition superstar, Seyka Mejeur. She owns and operates a NewSpace headhunting firm, AdAstra, with her husband Brian.

Seyka loves to love life. And it shows.

Tune in to this conversation and catch the energy for yourself. More importantly, learn how to take action in your own life to experience more zest and zeal for each and every moment.

From indoor cycling instructor, 21 country vegan voyage world tour, 15 year yogi, home chef, published author of academic literature, to industry leader for engineering talent… you don’t want to miss this fun with Seyka.

So press play and let’s chat… now is the time to look at your life and choose passion!

009: Peak Performance with Coach Kon

009: Peak Performance with Coach Kon

Are you a top performer at work? What does it really take to be an “Olympic-level” engineer? You know how to learn, but do you know the critical skill of unlearning?

In this episode, put on your mental gym shorts with Konstantinos Apostolopoulos, lovingly known by leaders around the world as Coach Kon. He is a successful CEO, author, and award-winning coach for corporate professionals… AND athletes in Olympic Development Programs.

Coach Kon knows exactly what it takes for peak performance, in and out of the cubicle.

Discover the role of raw talent in your career growth. Expose the leadership paradox, and how to navigate the new challenges we face during this fourth industrial revolution. And finally get clarity on why improving your skills as an engineer often leads to success at work, but problems at home.

So press play and let’s chat… now is the time to get out of your comfort zone, and into your performance zone!

008: Unshackled Life with Gly Gabriel

008: Unshackled Life with Gly Gabriel

Do you know what it’s like to be successful, but unhappy? Have you ever felt like someone or something else is in the driver’s seat of your life? Where does courage really come from?

In this episode, unshackle your life from the patterns that prevent authentic happiness. Learn to slow down and hear your inner voice with Gly Gabriel, a biomedical engineer and Harvard University graduate turned transformational life coach and meditation teacher.

Gly did everything right by external standards. His parents were fresh off the boat in the United States from Haiti, and came from very humble beginnings. He worked hard, earned admission to an Ivy League school, studied engineering, and landed a high paying job in New York City.

But internally, he was restless. He had arrived, but where? After leaving his job and backpacking across Latin America, he discovered his purpose. Help people live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives and careers.

So press play and let’s chat… it’s time to bridge the gap between where you are at now, and what’s possible!

007: Love Self Care with Deb Crowe

007: Love Self Care with Deb Crowe

Can you imagine sitting in hospice with five of your team members as they passed from this life, in a period of only ten months? Does self-care ever feel selfish to you? Why do people use the words, “busy”, “sorry”, and “just” so often?

In this episode, Heart-Centered Leadership expert and coach, Deb Crowe, goes straight to the heart of your career and life. Deb has held many hands during times of trauma, grief, loss, and she extends a hand of love to you today.

Discover the truth of how critical self-care is for engineering leaders and executives. Here’s a hint: it’s not an occasional chocolate bar or weekend getaway to an AirBnB. How can you know if you have a healthy self-care mindset? Deb will tell you.

Whether you have experienced trauma in your own life or not, if you are on the road to burnout or not, it doesn’t matter. Every engineer needs what Deb shares in this conversation. This is for YOU.

006: Defeat Doubt with Dean Karrel

006: Defeat Doubt with Dean Karrel

What five words would you carry to motivate yourself, for the next 30 YEARS? How deeply do you struggle with self-doubt? Have you been trained how to fire, and not just how to hire?

In this episode, the former Vice President of Sales at Wiley Publishing, Dean Karrel, is going to help you defeat doubt. Step outside your usual engineering department lens and learn from one of the most sincere coaches in the business.

Dean has carried the same note in his wallet for more than 30 years. A note that carried him through tough times, and served as the fuel he needed when motivation to do hard things was wearing thin. Discover what that note said, and why it matters for you today.

You don’t need to be in sales to need what Dean has to offer. Every engineer I know will benefit from this conversation, and I want to see you win!

So press play and let’s chat… maybe you will keep The Happy Engineer in your pocket for motivation the next 30 years!

005: Find Perfect Fit with Kate Terrell

005: Find Perfect Fit with Kate Terrell

Confused between a big “brand name” company career, versus joining a small “hip & cool” startup? How can you know which will be a great fit? What are you most afraid of?

In this episode, face fear, overcome imposter syndrome and find your perfect fit with Kate Terrell. Her life was changed by “9/11” (September 11, 2001 being in Manhattan). Since then, her success and resume in developing talent is too long to outline.

Currently, Kate is the Chief People Officer at rapidly growing startup, Aktana. She is the former SVP & CHRO at Driscoll’s. And before that, where we first met, she was VP of HR for the Global Products Organization at Whirlpool Corporation.

But it’s not her stratospheric accomplishments that will draw you into this conversation. Kate is an engineer’s executive. She looked at the worst case scenario, faced her fears, and took action.

It’s what she learned about integrating work and life along the way that you don’t want to miss.

004: Masking Inner Demons with Nader Mowlaee

004: Masking Inner Demons with Nader Mowlaee

Ever felt like a complete failure? What mask are you hiding behind so people don’t see the real you? Do you need a new approach to job hunting and interviewing that actually ends with an OFFER?

In this episode, experience the raw courage of Nader Mowlaee. His story of losing the engineering dream, pretending to be something not himself, and ultimately taking off the masks so many of you are still hiding behind, is an inspiration.

If you are still finding your own way, you don’t want to miss this conversation. Overcome depression and anxiety, and be in the moment.

On top of that, Nader is an expert recruiter and engineering job search acceleration coach. He brings actionable advice on how to avoid the traffic jams and move through the interview process to land offers at your dream job.

I’ve got great news… you can do it.

003: Mythbusting Multitasking with Dave Crenshaw

003: Mythbusting Multitasking with Dave Crenshaw

Imagine having 40 extra hours per month, what would you do? What is the secret to working less and earning more? Do you know the truth about multitasking?

In this episode, unpack the reality that career success breeds career chaos. Dave Crenshaw has 10+ MILLION views of his productivity courses on LinkedIn Learning to help solve that problem.

He was not born with it. Dave has overcome being diagnosed “freaking off the chart ADHD.” He has stripped down success in time management to only what is absolutely necessary. Now he coaches leaders at the highest level to reclaim their life by reclaiming their hours.

002: Reverse Engineer Success with Jeff Baietto

002: Reverse Engineer Success with Jeff Baietto

What would you do if you lost everything? Does success always seem just out of reach? Do you dare put stand-up comedy on your career development plan?

In this episode, learn how to reverse engineer success with Jeff Baietto. He is host of the InJoy Success Podcast and CEO at InJoy Global, where his Masters in Spiritual Psychology comes in handy creating systems and technology that support rewiring your nervous system.

Jeff experienced the highs of early success, followed by the rock-bottom lows of losing it all. If you have achieved the accolades of what most engineers call success, but you don’t feel successful… this conversation is for you.

If you don’t have any of the accolades, and want more success… this conversation is for you.

We are going to explore what really matters most (hint — it’s not more time at the office).

001: Encountering Death with Zander Fryer

001: Encountering Death with Zander Fryer

Have you been job hopping? Unable to find the right fit? Is your left-brain bias creating barriers to emotional intelligence? Stick around to find out Zander and Zach’s answers, advice and genius surrounding these questions. In this interview with the one and only Zander Fryer, it’s safe to say minds were blown. Starting off in the typical engineer career path, successful but not fulfilled, Zander found a calling in coaching and entrepreneurship and is now CEO of Sh*t You Don’t Learn In College and High Impact Coaching.